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HIRAM MULERO (from February 14, 2010)



Entrance music : Freeway feat Beanie Sigel by Life

Age: 26

Height: 6'

Weight: 212 lbs

Trainers: Jose Diaz "Tanque" and Shane Sewell

Debut : My debut were in 2002 vs Cool Cross Roger in the CWA

Finishing moves : Shooting Star Press et Snapmare Driver

Inspirations : Hayabusa

Federations: CWA, EWO, IWA, PRWA y WWC

Titles: CWA Cruiserweight champion , CWA Tagteam champion (with El Sensacional Carlitos), Double IWA Hardcore champion , IWA Tagteam champion (avec El Sensacional Carlitos), IWA Cruiserweight champion

Origine: My real name is Hiram and when I started to fight, my character was a Samoan wrestler named Airan Anoy Tua.(lol) When I decided to use the surname Tua EWO and the name was born Hiram Tua.My character EWO was the owner of Space, which consisted only of a fighter in the air When I get into IWA, Moody Jack Melendez decided that i would join the Sensational Carlitos was born the Los Aereos team. We were 2 fighters lightweight who could afford to fight the greatest fighters by using our speed.We arrived at the WWC and that was the end of the team and was born El dueño del Mundo. A character's demanding, arrogant, who believes the world belongs to him and he deserves tout.. I love it

Feeling: I feel good when working in the WWC and i do not regret having worked in other companies as they have been a great experience

Goal: To expose myself to the world.For the wrestling fans to see what I can do in wrestling and be a pride for my country.

Best opponents : El Sensacional Carlitos and Ricky Steamboat (WWE Legend )

Best match : Hiram Tua vs El Sensacional Carlitos. They were a lot of good fights in 2010, it was a great year

Dream opponent :I always wanted to fight against my idol Hayabusa



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